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Reconfiguring the subject of (human?) rights in the age of the Anthropocene

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Miia Halme-Tuomisaari & Emelie Lantz
Seminar time 1:15-3pm (Central European Time)
Zoom link: ID 433 693 7151 


What is the meaning of rights in the age of the Anthropocene – and who or what are their subjects? How should the notion of rights change in order to grasp increasing challenges posed by the climate urgency? What about the anthropocentrism of rights: is it continually meaningful – and justifiable – to distinguish human rights from the rights of animals as well as such inanimate entities as rivers? What kind of ontological assumptions do prevailing rights regimes both uphold and sustain, and how should they be readjusted?

This seminar series engages with these questions from multi-disciplinary perspectives including anthropology, engineering, law and philosophy. The invited speakers are both leading and forthcoming scholars in their respective fields. The talks build on projects ranging from ongoing work to finalized publications. What they share is a keen interest in these topical and compelling questions which hold the potential to revolutionize the entire human rights field.

Together the seminar series opens compelling reflections on the future of rights. In the post-world war II era we saw the ‘strange triumph of human rights’ (Mazower 2002). Will this triumph continue in the era of the Anthropocene – or are we witnessing a shift toward another ‘last utopia’ (Moyn 2010) embodied by the values of sustainability? Or rather a new utopia of the rights of everyone and everything?


2 February “Human rights and human duties vis-à-vis the Arctic fragile environment” Reetta Toivanen, Professor of Sustainability Science, University of Helsinki

16 February “Social sustainability: What does it mean?” Emelie Lantz, PhD Candidate, Human right studies at Lund University

23 March “The mine-loving state: Colonial continuity in the Swedish push for green steel?” Valentin Vogl, PhD candidate, Environmental and Energy Systems Studies at Lund University & Georgia de Leeuw, PhD candidate, Department of Political Science at Lund University

6 April ”The value of cash: Cash dependence and economic justice in a digital economy” Lena Haldenius, Professor in Human rights, Human right studies at Lund University

27 April “Rights of Nature, non-human rights and the Anthropocene: some legal anthropological reflections” Lieselotte Viane, Anthropologist and Professor at the Department of Social Science of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

4 May “NGO identities – how origin stories, values, donors, and the state construct a moral duty bearer” Therese Boje Mortensen

11 May “From human to more than human” Danielle Celermajer, Professor of Sociology, Sydney Environment Institute at the University of Sydney & Alexandre Lefebvre, Professor of Politics and Philosophy, University of Sydney

We have put together a bibliography for the seminar series to invite you to further reading on this interesting topic.


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