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I am Assistant Professor of Human Rights Studies. My background is Ethics and I wrote my doctoral thesis on Global Ethics. My teaching is first and foremost on human rights and its relation to ethics and religion.

Besides a doctor's degree in religous studies I also hold a master's degree in political science. I have also graduated from school of education in social sciences and religious studies for the Swedish "gymnasieskola" (students aged 16-19).

Besides human rights I have also teached at courses on politics and religion, political theology, global ethics and religiously motivated teorrorism. Between 2003-2009 I was Director of Studies for the Department of Human Rights Studies.


About the research

After my PhD in ethics I taught, researched and functioned as Director of Studies at the Department of Human Rights Studies. In 2010 I moved to CMES and worked as Co-Director until 2014. From 2015 to 2018 I was concentrating fully on teaching and research. My research at CMES is first and foremost focused on the Middle East in Sweden. I have been studying the meeting between Swedish temperance movement and immigrants from the Middle East. I am also performing research on Swedish football teams with connections to the Middle East, such as Assyriska FF, Syrianska FC, Dalkurd and Skånekurd. I also do research on Christians from and in the Middle East, especially Assyrians and Syriacs from Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

Together with Ronny Berndtsson, professor of Water Resources Engineering I have performed a multi-disciplinary study on Hydrosolidarity in the Nile Basin with funding from the Pufendorf Institute.

From 2019 I am back at Human Rights studies. Together with Johanna Gustafsson Lundberg I am doing research on unaccomanied minors in Sweden and their relations to caring institutions (i.e. schools, caring homes, social services, guardians). The research is partly funded by LMK-foundation and the Middle East in a Contemporary World (MECW).


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Dan-Erik Andersson

Senior Lecturer
Human Rights Studies
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