Cheating and plagiarism

A basic rule for students at Lund University is: don’t cheat. However, it is sometimes difficult, especially for new students, to know what is required. Make sure that you find out through your programme what rules apply, for example with regard to referencing and citation in essays and exams.

It is not allowed to use AI to generate texts. Plagiarism is cheating and the result will be that the whole exam fail. It could also lead to disciplinary measures. Plagiarism is copying books, articles, internet, essays, theses or other sources without correct references.


Urkund is a system for detecting plagiarism. 

Lund University has a shared license for the text-matching tool Urkund. This means that all lecturers at the University departments can use Urkund to check student work. What is Urkund? Urkund is an email-based system which automatically checks student work against existing texts from three central source areas – the Internet, certain published material and Urkund’s own archive. Urkund is used at many Swedish and international higher education institutions, to prevent and detect cheating and plagiarism.

Academic integrity

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