Student information

On these pages you will find things relevant to you as a student in human rights studies. Examples are students account, registration, exchange studies and rights and responsibilities as a student at Lund University. You can always contact us, we´re here to help. Contact our Academic Advisor or our Programme Coordinator or if you´re looking for someone else, you`ll find contact details for all our employees at Human Rights Studies at Staff.

If you do not find the information you are looking for, our coordinator will be happy to assist you.

Certificate of enrolment

Both our programme coordinator as well as our academic advisor can issue different certificates in regards to your studies. Certificates of enrolment or transcript of records you can print yourself, thru LADOK3, using your student account.


If you don´t want to continue your studies, you need to give notice to our programme coordinator, so he/she can register it.


To re-register you need to contact our programme coordinator.

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Director of Studies
Andreas Tullberg

Programme coordinator
Kristina Robertsson

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