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Lund University is the only university in Sweden to offer a Phd-programme in the multidisciplinary field of Human Rights. The programme covers four years of full time studies (240 credits). The programme is convened by Human Rights Studies at the Department of History.

The research field integrates historical, philosophical, legal, and political perspectives on the study of human rights, their circumstances, challenges and role in our current times. Current areas of study are state and non-state agency, historiography and conceptualizations of human rights, minority protection, human rights in school curricula and teaching practice, women’s rights, rights and activism, children’s rights, political resistance, and rights discourses in civil society.

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In order to satisfy the general eligibility requirements for admission to Doctoral studies the applicant must have completed an academic degree on advanced level (one or two year master), or completed courses amounting to 240 Swedish university credits (of which at least 60 credits on advanced level), or equivalent. In order to satisfy the special eligibility requirements for Doctoral studies in Human Rights, two of the applicant’s prior years of study (120 credits) must have clear relevance for the field of human rights studies and for the planned dissertation project. The applicant must also have completed a thesis on master level (at least 15 credits) clearly oriented within the field of human rights.
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Questions about Doctoral studies in Human Rights are answered by Dan-Erik Andersson.


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Dan-Erik Andersson
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