Deferment of studies, approved leave, credit transfer

Deferment of studies

If you are admitted and has accepted a programme but cannot start your studies the semester you´ve been admitted to, it is possible to apply for deferment of studies. To be granted deferment of enrolment you have to show special circumstances, as well as provide certificates to evidence the circumstances. If you are a tuition fee paying student, you need to pay tuition fee before applying.

Approved leave from studies

You can apply for approved leave from studies if it´s a temporary leave and you plan to come back and finish your studies. If special circumstances applies, you can get approved leave with guaranteed admission. If special circumstances applies certificates shall evidence the circumstances.


If you don´t want to continue your studies, you need to give notice to our programme coordinator, so he/she can register it.

Credit transfer

If you´ve studied human rights courses at another University/ University College in Sweden or aboard that corresponds one or more of our courses, you can apply for a credit transfer. You need to be admitted to our programme as well as replied to the offer to keep you place in the programme, before you apply.


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