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Ph.D candidate at the division of Human Rights at the department of History.

In my research project I study human rights and political resistance in Thailand's contemporary political history. My interests are nationalism, political agency, resistance and violence, photography as sites of historical remembrance, Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Teaching first and second semester bachelor students as well as supervise student essays. Have previously worked as student counselor and course administrator at Lund University.


About the research

The working title of my Ph.D. dissertation is "Visualising human rights in Thai history". I explore how nationalism has set a frame, of limits and potentials, for people in Thailand to perform and claim human rights. Political issues such as democracy, development, freedom and liberties, are all contested topics in a nationalist historiography of unity and sameness. These concepts are at the same time part of a process to define a relationship between the state and its subjects, thus the public political space informs the political agency of people and, in continuation, their access to human rights. I use photographs and publications mainly from the 1970's onwards to trace articulations of human rights in Thailand.
Questions that guide this project concerns nationalism, state violence, resistance and social movements in relation to a human rights regime.


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Karin Zackari

Unit Administrator, Directory Administrator, Health and Safety Representative
Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, Lund University
Department of History

Doctoral Student
Human Rights Studies
Department of History

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