Programme Coordinator

Due to Covid-19 you can´t always find us at LUX. Please book your appointment.

I´m Kristina, called Tina, Programme Coordinator at Human Rights Studies. You can always turn to me should you have any questions. If I can´t provide answers, I´ll find someone who can.

Frequently asked questions regard

  • our master´s programme in human rights studies,
  • applications,
  • registrations,
  • deferment of studies,
  • publishing in LUP and more.

If you´d like to apply for deferment of studies or a credits transfer from previous studies, you´ll find more information under Deferment of studies, approved leave, credit transfer

Picture of Programme Coordinator


Kristina Robertsson
Rum: LUX:A210
Telefon: +46 46-222 3047
e-mail: mrsmrs.luse