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I am a PhD candidate in Human rights studies since the fall 2012. My dissertation project is concerned with feminist movements and activism in Egypt after the revolution in 2011. I draw from several empirical examples with focus on how feminists engaged with the constitution writing process in 2011-13 as well as how feminists navigate the shrinking and more controlled public space since June 2013. Theoretically, I use feminist legal theory, social movement theory and postcolonial feminism mainly concerning the concepts of equality, human rights and politics.


About the research

My broader research intereset is gender, feminism and human rights in the Arab and Muslim world as well as transnational feminsim and how HR-discourses have influenced international feminist politics och women's rights in the region. More specific, I am interested in activism and its precondition in today's Egypt, mainly the feminist movement and how activitsts navigate the current political order. 

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Emma Sundkvist

Doctoral Student
Human Rights Studies
Department of History

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