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I am assistant professor of Human Rights Studies. I have a law degree and have earned my degree as Doctor of Laws in public international law. Apart from teaching and doing research I am also director of studies and responsible for co-ordinating the B.A. Program in Human Rights Studies.

In my research I am foremost interested in legal systemic conflicts. Previously, I focused on the use of military force in relation to human rights, while my current research is primarily involving human rights and water issues.


About the research

My curent research is on how states with nuclear sovereignty affect how and why agreements on human rights are entered, violated and respected.

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Other tasks and qualifications

Legal Advisor to the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters.
Recipient of the Law Students Association Teaching Award in 2007.

Olof Beckman

Senior Lecturer
Human Rights Studies
Department of History

Contact information

E-mail olof.beckmanmrs.luse

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Room LUX:A212

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